One Body Village - What we do

What we do

We focus on three main areas of work


When a case of child sexual abuse is reported, or when a child or parent calls for help, our RESCUE team will seek out the child/family in need to offer

  • Emergency rescue (in case the child is in danger)
  • Facilitate legal assistance
  • Immediate financial, medical and emotional support if necessary


In cases where the child’s family is too poor and cannot give their child the care and support they need to recover physically, mentally and emotionally, OBV will offer the child a place in our REHAB shelters, where they will get

  • Constant care, love and support from our loving Caregiver team
  • Counselling and medical support from professionals
  • Education and further vocational training to help them write their own future


To ensure that less and less children will ever need the help of OBV, we also have:

  • Sex education workshops to teach parents and children how to PREVENT sexual abuse
  • Collaborations with the government, media and other organisations to help raise awareness about child sexual abuse and exploitation