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One Body Village Inc

Upcoming Events

Ticket $125, available online or in person at The Fine Diner Bistro

OBV Volunteers Wanted!
OBV needs your helping hands at the Marian Days event in Carthage, MO from Thursday 08/03/2017 to Sunday 08/06/2017.
We need help with setting up, maintaining, selling...

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2016 Tax Letter 2016 Tax Letter If you would like OBV to resend 2016 tax letter, please email with information: your name, home address, donation amount, donation date ... Thank you!
Happiness is coming Happiness is coming Working for One Body Village, having a day off was a luxury that we couldn't afford. Regardless of the circumstances, date, or time, Father Martino and Mother Ngoc were there whenever the children nee...
The Angel The Angel It was Dr. Ehum's second time in Vietnam and Cambodia, to visit the beloved girls he had met last year. A Korean-American with his own medical practice in the USA, he closed for half a month to spen...
Sharing before the trip Sharing before the trip an old article... For me, this Christmas, Tet holidays and my birthday came earlier than usual! It is not because of the warm weather or the passing of time, but for the human heart is blooming! Do...
Children of abuse (Part 6): "Miss, can I leave her here with you, I'm never coming back" Children of abuse (Part 6): She was abused by her own biological father at the age of 16, maybe 17. "She was really pretty, with hair that cascaded down her back not unlike that of an angel" remembers a staff member from a shelt...
2017 OBV Mission Trip - Vietnam 2017 OBV Mission Trip - Vietnam Cooking for the OBV kids in Vietnam (by Danh Nguyen)


  • OBV Children prepared for 2011 Christmas

    Hòa cùng không khí Mừng Giáng Sinh trên toàn thế giới, các con trong Nhà OBV cũng có những sự chuẩn bị riêng cho Ngôi Nhà OBV thân yêu đón mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh. Dưới đây là một số hình ảnh ghi nhận lại những hoạt động đó, xin mời mọi người cùng theo dõi...


One Body Village Mission

One Body Village Logo


To combat child sex exploitation and trafficking especially in Southeast Asian countries, by rescuing at-risk and affected children, educating and empowering communities to be catalysts for change; and

To improve the lives of at-risk and affected children by providing shelter, medical and behavioral health care, educational assistance, and vocational training that will enable survivors to reintegrate into mainstream society as productive citizens.

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